Чем void отличается от int c
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Чем void отличается от int c

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Void * to char or int in C

I want to get any types of variables in my code, so I did a void * type to accept others. But I can get in char * but not in int values. And I don’t understand how I can did it. Here my code :

void insertion(t_liste *liste, void *newValue) < t_element *new = malloc(sizeof(void *)); int i; int *j = &i; if (liste == NULL || new == NULL) < exit(EXIT_FAILURE); >if (newValue == j || (char *)newValue) < new->value = newValue; new->suivant = liste->premier; liste->premier = new; liste->taille++; new->index = liste->taille; > > 

In my main I did

insertion(maListe, 5); 

it didn’t work, but if I did this:

insertion(maListe, "test"); 

It works. But I want both works ! Here my .h

typedef struct s_element t_element; typedef struct s_liste t_liste; struct s_element< int index; void *value; t_element *suivant; t_element *precedent; >; struct s_liste< t_element *premier; t_element *dernier; int taille; >; 

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